Virtual Computer for students

CloudLabs Virtual Computer Services allow institutes to migrate their physical computer labs to the cloud and offer virtual computers on-demand to students, accessible from anywhere and any device..

Virtual Computer
Virtual Computer
Accessible from Anywhere
Access from anywhere using a laptop, iPad or any other device.
High Performance
Predictable Performance with customizable configuration options & GPU support.
Secure by default
Virtual Computers are protected from viruses, ransomware, and other online threats.

Enable Practical Learning from Anywhere

Multi-OS Support
Offers Windows, Linux or MacOS Based Virtual Computers
Customizable Applications
Loaded with various apps including VS Code, Git, MatLab, etc and also allows professors to share course-specific apps with students.
Native Backup & Security
Student's learning and data is safe and secure, always.
Student Self-Sevice Control
Students can make it their own, with all the self-service operations available.

Why CloudLabs Virtual Computers: For Campus IT

CloudLabs simplifies IT for educational institutes, allowing them to focus on teaching and content rather than managing underlying technology infrastructure.

Full Control
Campus IT can control all aspects of students' virtual computers including configuration, application, experience, etc.
Scale On Demand
Scale your virtual computer infrastructure as you grow.
Reduced Management
Eliminates management overhead with Cloud-based service.
Convert Capex to Openx
With CloudLabs, You do not need to purchase expensive hardware and move to pay-as-you-go model.
24*7 Support
All Virtual Computers come with 24*7 support that you can trust.
Multiple tiers, configuration options, and pricing models for your unique needs.

Flexible Pricing Options

Fixed Price Per month
Unlimited usage for a fixed price per month per student.
Pay as per Usage
Per hour pricing, pay as per actual use through the month.
Free online support
All plans include 24*7 free technical support.