Cloud Cost Optimization in Higher Ed

Cloud Cost Optimization


Higher education institutes generally offer advanced technology courses via physical labs. The traditional lab set-up requires costly infrastructure and regular maintenance. Whereas cloud-based virtual hands-on labs can offer a highly scalable solution to the problem. These are not only equipped with all the advanced features and updates but they also cut down the cost of setting up and running traditional lab infrastructure.  

Top educational institutes like Seneca College have experienced the cost optimization features of the hands-on lab. Enjoy consumption-based pricing for the labs. Pay for the time you’re using the lab environment It also helps to track your cloud spending.  

With daily cost reports, lab usage, and cloud spends have an end-to-end control over budget per student. Use the predictable model to predict costs and outcomes. Utilize credit-based resource allocation to track consumption. 

Join our upcoming session by Amit Malik, COO at Spektra Systems. He will talk in-depth about cloud cost optimization in higher education institutions with enhanced marketing outreach.  

Key Talking Point:  

  1. How to utilize cloud-based hands-on labs to minimize the cost of delivering high-level education.  
  2. Learn how to have an end-to-end control over budget per student. 
  3. Predict costs and outcomes. 
  4. Learn how to track credit consumption with credit-based allocation. 
  5. Learn how to optimize the cost of running a lab with VM Uptime. 


Education Intuitional Leaders. 

17th Nov 2022, Wednesday

08:00 AM

30 minutes