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Cloud Spending for Continuing Ed IT Programs

15th Mar 2023,

10:00 AM

About Workshop

While cloud-based hands-on training is proving to be extremely beneficial in Continuing Ed IT courses, most institutions are stumped when it comes to cloud cost management. If not monitored and managed efficiently, cloud costs can spiral out of control in no time.

Consequently, cloud-cost management is an essential process for every institution to understand and manage the costs of the cloud resources used. Cost management is integral to maximize cloud usage and efficiency for the institution’s training programs.

In this discussion, experts at CloudLabs will shed light on the most effective strategies that can be adopted by educational institutes to build an efficient cloud cost management system.

Here is what you will get to learn from this webinar:

  1. Monitoring and managing cloud resources to optimize spending across training programs at scale
  2. Manage cloud credits usage and allocation across course duration
  3. Cost management best practices for higher educational institutions while ensuring impactful student experience
  4. Unique features offered by CloudLabs to ensure effective cloud cost management

Ideal For:

  1. Education institution leaders 
  2. IT Administrators/Architects in Higher Ed
  3. Instructors, Deans, Professors

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