Hosting Cybersecurity Labs in Cloud

22nd Nov 2022,

10:00 AM

Security labs in cloud


As educational institutions are preparing for a digital transformation, cloud technologies play a crucial role in making the pivot. High in-demand skills like cybersecurity can easily be delivered virtually via labs with simulated environments.

Universities can leverage Cloud to host these lab environments for cyber security courses. This will help them to imbibe flexibility in course design, align course curriculum to industry-specific skills, reduce infrastructure costs, manual intervention in the IT department and can cater to a large student community regardless of their location or technical configurations.

Join our upcoming session where our speaker Amit Malik will take you through the various challenges of hosting cyber security labs for virtual training and how you can effectively mitigate them with the CloudLabs platform.

Key Talking Points:

  1. Rule out the extensive infrastructure costs and manual labor in setting up virtual labs for cyber security training by leveraging cloud technologies.
  2. Cloud Technologies like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP enable instant lab deployments without any cumbersome setup that further simplifies the student onboarding process.
  3. Reduce staff workload with automation provided by Cloud technologies.
  4. Easy and instant lab setups directly via web browser, no additional technical configurations required, ideal for remote users.
  5. Learn Best Practices to deploy Cyber Security Virtual Infrastructure on Cloud Platforms
  6. How to use Nested Virtualization capabilities in Cloud Platforms.


  1. Institutional leaders.
  2. Professors, campus IT officials, active decision makers.

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