How to empower your Sales staff with
Impactful Live Demos

24nd Nov 2022, Thursday

10:00 AM

sales staff


When it comes to enterprise software sales, delivering impactful sales demos is the key asset for sales generation.  Abstract texts and graphics with theoretical explanations cannot match the power of a cloud-based sales demo with customized environments. 

To narrow down your complex sales cycle and generate the estimated ROI, you must empower your sales team with the right sales enablement resources- training, tools, technology etc. 

While live demos, POCs are seeing the light of digital transformation- a rapid shift from on-prem to cloud-based, training the sales reps to host them with the necessary impact is the ultimate challenge. 

Hence effective sales enablement training with virtual labs hosted in cloud is necessary to make sales rep get dexterous with cloud-based demos and POCs and make every interaction with prospects and leads impactful and compelling. 

Attend our upcoming session wherein our speaker, Amit Malik, COO at Spektra Systems, will talk in-depth about cloud-based sales training for increased marketing outreach for your solution. 


  1. Train your sales team to drive conversions with cloud-based demos and POCs. 
  2. Leverage cloud-based virtual labs to train your sales team with real-world scenarios. 
  3. Make your sales rep familiar with your software product with hands-on training for effective demos. 
  4. Scale your sales training as per your changing requirements without any hassle. 
  5. Drive better prospect generation by enabling effective trials with consumption tracking feature   
  6. Make use of customized environments to deliver presentations as per your product features   

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  1. ISV leaders. 

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