ISVs Guide to Implement Self Paced Trial Experiences

22nd Nov 2022,

10:00 AM

Self paced trial Experiences


Self-paced trial experiences play a crucial role in showcasing an ISV’s product value especially when done on a large scale. However, setting up a real-time live demo for the uses of the product is time-consuming and needs complex infrastructure. Deploying a virtual environment for the self-paced trial can minimize the challenges to a great extent. Security ISVs can, significantly improve their sales outreach by demonstrating their product features using self-paced trials in cloud-based hands-on lab environments. This helps them to showcase their products to their potential customers leading to more customer achievement through the live demos.  

The live experience of the products helps ISVs to expand their horizons and can even lower the cost of new customer acquisition. The hands-on access to the software caters to better insights through the real-time experience, so that customers can make the right decision with your products. It boosts customer retention resulting in efficient revenue strategies.     

Register in our upcoming session, where Amit Malik, COO of Spektra Systems, will discuss in-detail how and why ISVs should implement self-paced trial experiences for their products to increase their market outreach.   

Key Talking Points:     

  1. Leveraging cloud platforms for impactful product demonstration.   
  2. Importance of self-paced trial experience.  
  3. How to implement a self-paced trial experience for customers.   
  4. How to generate leads through the self-paced trial experience.   


Security ISVs. 

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