Scaling Hands-on Labs in Higher Education through Cloud

19th Oct 2022, Wednesday

08:00 AM

Scaling hands on labs in higher education through cloud


As institutions are moving their training from on-prem to remote, the integration of cloud-based solutions has brought about some major reformations. Apart from continuity of education and enhanced learning experience, training with cloud-based virtual labs has proven to be more cost-efficient and highly scalable.  

Modern higher education involves complex infrastructure set up with a series of hardware configurations, software applications and license requirements. Installation, maintenance and overlooking such hefty set up on-premises can be overwhelming, labor intensive and difficult to scale.  

Cloud-based infrastructure are highly scalable and can be used for training on emerging technologies like Machine Learning, deep learning, Data science and AI. This can substantially reduce costs while improving performance and productivity of learners.  

Join our upcoming session where our speaker Amit Malik, COO at Spektra Systems, will share industry insights on leveraging cloud technologies and moving on-prem lab infrastructure to the cloud.  


  1. How to leverage cloud-based infrastructure to scale your training programs.  
  2. Provide your students and staff with upgraded technology that boosts productivity and brings down costs.  
  3. How to start using virtual labs with leading cloud providers like Microsoft Azure.  
  4. How to deploy virtual IT labs at scale.  

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