Virtual Computers for Students - Higher Ed


With the increasing demand for IT education leaders in higher ed now have more difficulties than ever in sustaining teaching and learning with physical IT infrastructure. They also must ensure cost-effectiveness, scalability, and security.  

If you are implementing a virtual learning environment, another topic worth considering is the contrast between traditional labs and cloud-based labs.  

This free webinar hosted by Amit Malik, COO, Spektra Systems, will cover the implementation of modern technology to virtualize all your students’ essential applications independent of their hardware setup, offering hands-on practical instruction and an interactive classroom culture.  

Key Talking Points 

  1. Issues confronting higher education institutions  
  2. What are virtual computers and cloud computing, and why do they exist  
  3. Availability of virtual computers in a multitude of varieties.  
  4. The best way to select a virtual PC for your organization  
  5. How to set up a Virtual Computer  
  6. Hands-on experience of Virtual Computer  

 Key Audience 

Leaders of higher education institutions, professors, students, and anyone else interested in learning about the role of digitalization in higher learning should attend.  

23th Nov 2022, Wednesday

10:00 AM

30 minutes