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Self-paced learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is self-paced learning important?
Self-paced learning is important to study at your own pace. It gives you flexibility of time and allows you to focus on topics where you need special attention and fast forward through concepts you are aware of. It naturally boosts productivity, sparks curiosity in students, and they become good learners when they dedicate themselves to subjects that require greater attention and revision.
What do you mean by self-paced?
Self-paced refers to working at your own speed. Self-paced learning or asynchronous learning is about proceeding with a given assignment or course at your own pace and convenience. Students who opt for self-paced learning in Microsoft On-demand courses, require a blend of study materials like video series, text, and on-demand labs provided by CloudLabs.
How effective is self-paced learning?
Self-paced learning is a highly effective and efficient way of learning because learners can study at their own pace without troubling themselves. Self-paced learning offers high flexibility and increased knowledge retention.
Is self-paced learning beneficial?
Self-paced learning has better outcomes, as students can work on their own schedule, dedicating more time to subjects that needs more training, than the ones that are comparatively easier. It has several other benefits like: