Top 8 Benefits of Switching to Cloud-Based Lab Environments for Software Training

Top 8 Benefits of Switching to Cloud-Based Lab Environments for Software Training

Recently, a natural calamity in the name of Covid-19 Pandemic struck and changed the world forever. One of the things that changed was the way of learning. On-site learning was declared unsafe for the time being and this included software training in computer labs but for an enthusiastic learner, training had to continue. Learners needed a platform where they could learn software without leaving their homes.

This problem needed to be tackled with the help of a solution and this exploded the popularity of cloud-based virtual lab environments.

In this blog, we will understand what the top benefits are of using cloud-based lab environments for software training. Before that let’s touch some basics.

What is a Lab Environment? 

A lab environment is the combination of physical and virtual machines where users can practice learning and test any software according to their needs. Basically, a lab environment can be both virtual and physical. 

What is a Cloud-Based Lab Environment? 

As the name suggests, a lab environment that is based on the cloud is called a Cloud-Based lab environment. It means now you don’t have to visit a traditional lab and undergo the training there as everything will be available to you virtually. Since it is based on the cloud, you don’t need to configure or install any software on your own, which saves your time and reduces stress. 

Cloud-based lab environments are a new concept in the world of technology. Prior to this, the trainers and students were involved in physical training. Let’s see why these virtual lab environments were created in the first place. 

What is the need for a Cloud-Based Lab Environment? 

A typical software training lab requires multiple machines with the required tools such as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like Atom, Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text and other software development tools. These tools need to be downloaded and installed separately one by one which takes up a lot of time.  

Moreover, a lab needs the whole infrastructure to be set up within a required space and that is a time-consuming process. Sometimes more students take part in training than required and this gives rise to scalability issues. It becomes tough to assign a computer to each student for learning purposes.

A common problem is the sharing of computers between multiple students as it hampers their learning process because students tend to work in each other’s environments. 

All these problems can be tackled with the help of cloud-based environments. You can define a lab based on your configurations and deploy them to multiple students within minutes. These lab environments don’t require any capital investment and you only pay for what you use. If you use less, you pay less and if you use more, you pay more.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Lab Environments for Software Training 

Here are the multiple benefits of using a cloud-based lab environment during software training. 

Accessible from anywhere 

These lab environments can be accessed from anywhere as they are based on cloud technology. You only need a device and an internet connection to get trained in the software. 

Convenient to use 

Gone are the days when you had to travel on foot or take transport to reach the venue for the classroom training. Since these lab environments are virtually available, you can undergo the software training from the comfort of your home. 

Reduces cost

In on-site training labs, there are various things that need to be taken care of. This includes the capital needed to run the lab smoothly. Once the hardware and the other resources are in place, the lab Incharge needs to monitor the functioning of the systems. Continuous investment needs to be made to make sure that the lab doesn’t face any issues.  

Cloud-based lab environments erase these problems as any number of lab environments can be deployed in literal seconds and at a remarkably low cost.

Highly scalable 

Earlier, if students underwent training in large numbers, it was tough to assign a physical machine to each student. Moreover, the classrooms didn’t have the capacity to hold many students. With the help of virtual cloud-based lab environments, hundreds of trainees can undergo training simultaneously from across the globe. 

Hands-on practice 

Possibly the best and the most important benefit, cloud-based lab environments provide active learning to a trainee through hands-on practice. Through this, a trainee can now understand the functioning of the software that they are to be trained for rather than just reading about it in books.  

Real-life scenarios 

Through hands-on learning, a learner can practice and work on real life problems by operating the software in the lab environment. This gives a huge clarity on the concepts related to the software and the problems will train the learner to think and provide optimum solutions to fix them. 

Help and support 

If someone faces a problem while working in the lab environment, they just have to contact customer support as the lab providers do their best to solve the queries regarding a lab environment.  

More efficient 

The introduction of cloud-based lab environments has taken off a big load from the management department. There is no need to spend big on the expensive hardware and thus, the whole maintenance process of these systems is also gone. The lab providers will take care of managing the environment so that the learners can focus on their main work i.e., to learn.

In this way, the trainees can enhance their productivity and don’t need to worry about management overhead. 

How CloudLabs can help? 

CloudLabs is a lab environment based on cloud technology that offers multiple things and one of those things is helping learners improve their learning through its user-friendly interface. Below are the benefits of using CloudLabs:- 

Highly customizable 

The lab environments offered by CloudLabs platform can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. It doesn’t matter how complex the requirement gets CloudLabs will deploy the lab environment of their own choice. Instructors can easily operate the lab with the help of the resources provided by CloudLabs. 


CloudLabs can incorporate multiple members in a single lab environment and if the requirement is low, it can revert to the original number of members. With the help of our platform, you can allocate a lab to any number of members that join a lab environment within minutes. 

Widely accessible 

Due to the cloud, there is no need to download anything on a device. With the help of a reliable internet connection, the learner as well as the instructor can access the lab environment and conduct the software training there. Trainees can attend the training from any part of the world. 

Eliminates management overhead 

It is already known that CloudLabs uses cloud technology for functioning over the internet and thus, this virtual environment joins the category of SaaS platforms. Just open your web browser and get access to the lab environment without paying for any hardware or installing any software. You don’t need to manage applications, storage, and infrastructure and worry about the costs associated with them.  

Lab validation 

This special feature allows trainees to check their progress and validate their procedures with the help of lab guides provided in the lab environment. During training, instructors can keep a check on students’ progress and solve their problems if they get stuck. 

24/7 support 

CloudLabs support team is always available to solve any issue related to the lab environment. You don’t need to troubleshoot or configure the lab environment by yourself. Our support team will do it for you so that you can concentrate on the tasks that you are supposed to do. Whether there is a technical problem or a non-technical problem, CloudLabs team is always ready to provide instant support.

Most Popular Software Training 

Below are some of the most popular software training courses that students can undergo and learn about the technologies of their own choice. CloudLabs can help you organize such training so that you can build the future of the learners. 

Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is termed as the availability of on-demand services over the internet. It is one of the most highly regarded technologies and will change the future of the world in the coming years. Many organizations around the globe continue to move to the cloud to function more efficiently. 


Having skills in Python can transform one’s career because it is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and one of the easiest to use. Coding enthusiasts prefer to learn python due to its high productivity and large community. Python can be used for automation, machine learning, web development, etc. 


First appeared in 1995, Java is one of the oldest programming languages in existence and this is still a very popular skill to gain. Learners learning Java would have a competitive advantage over others because Java Developers are in demand professionals who are required by many companies out there.  


Selenium is an automation test framework used for testing web-based applications. With the help of Selenium, learners can write test scripts in many programming languages such as Java and C#. Selenium training is one of the most sought-after choices for students looking for a career in test automation. 


In times of the pandemic, virtual training is the most viable option to learn any software. Cloud-based lab environments will give a major boost to the software training sector as they are highly scalable, easy to use, more efficient and most importantly, provide hands-on learning to the learners.

Go over to CloudLabs and use our platform to fulfill all your requirements for your training so that you can conduct them in a successful way. 

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