4 Reasons, you need hands-on labs for your virtual events: Drive conversions with enhanced experience.

4 Reasons, you need hands-on labs for your virtual events: Drive conversions with enhanced experience.

Virtual events have become common over the last couple of years. They have taken precedence over physical events due to the ease of access, better reach, and higher ROI. 

Hands-on labs allow users to get a practical feel of the software in a controlled environment. They make virtual events significantly more interactive, and immersive, and enable deeper engagement of the audience. As a result, participants feel like they are playing an active role in the event.  

These labs enable users to use the software first-hand so that they can experience by doing rather than passively consuming information conveyed to them during the event. According to experts, the knowledge retention from using hands-on labs with practical situations is tremendous and that is exactly why they are highly effective.  

Effectiveness of Hands-on Labs for Virtual Events 

With the introduction of hands-on labs conducting practical sessions virtually became common and popular. Hands-on labs allow more experimentation by the users without the worry of making mistakes or affecting the software or the environment they are working on.

This worry-free exploration expedites the learning process and helps the users imbibe more information about the functioning of the tools and software. 

Boosts customer sales

The hands-on lab demos that are conducted during virtual events help customers get a better idea of the product. This builds trust and transparency and encourages customers to purchase the product. Hence, accelerating the success rate of sales efforts. 

Top IT products and solutions providers use demo lab environments provided by CloudLabs for sales enablement, partner enablement, customer enablement, and employee training. This helps more people understand their offerings and drives the popularity.

People are more inclined to use a service that they are familiar with. Live demo environments tend to have a higher impact on customers and if the trial experience is carried out with no interruptions, it increases the conversion rate. 

Ability to demonstrate features effectively

The most efficient way to showcase the features of a product is through practical demonstration and usage. Virtual events act as an outlet to display the features and benefits and provide a glimpse of the ROI. 

Efficient product demos ensure that the overall experience for prospects is seamless, engaging and hitch-free. This demo stage is important as it is a turning point for a company to ascertain whether they win or lose a new customer.  

Virtual labs have made these demos more accessible, engaging, and easier to experience. CloudLabs provides virtual labs designed for creators, instructors and product companies to use the platform to create a simulation of the actual environment in real time.

It integrates with the leading cloud providers to make the application more accessible and customizable so that the user has a unique hands-on experience. 

Management by the Instructors

This is a format of expert-led workshops which let instructors and proctors have complete visibility over the lab environments being consumed by the users. 

They are like virtual demos but in this case, attendees will be exploring a lab with the instructor. This makes it easier for the instructors to track the progress of the users and schedule lab actions.  

Enables a safe learning space

Since hands-on labs act as a simulation in a controlled virtual environment, the actions that the users take do not have any effect on the real-world environment. They can explore freely under the guidance of the instructor and experience the products well. This allows users a sense of security they would not otherwise have in real environments.  

These labs can also be delivered in a self-paced format. Meaning, users can browse the lab catalog and proceed with the labs relevant for them. 

How CloudLabs is creating an impact on Virtual Events 

Exploring options for your upcoming outreach event? Look no further. 

CloudEvents is a single platform that helps you integrate Cloud Technology while hosting virtual events. We help our partners eliminate all the hassles of managing events and host them without having to worry about the intricate setups. Here’s how. 

  • Access From Anywhere: CloudLabs virtual labs can be accessed from anywhere across the world. This remote access to virtual events enables ISVs to boost their reach and participation of these events.  
  • Collaborative environment: The labs enable effective collaboration and communication between participants and instructors in real-time. 
  • Highly Compatible: CloudEvents supports Azure, AWS, and GCP. You can host events based on the cloud platform of your choice. 
  • Lab Insights: Gain in-depth insights on participation, attendance, and the total time users have spent using the labs. Improve your outreach accordingly. 
  • Highly Scalable: Host events with the required number of seats as per your requirements with the option to scale with on-demand labs during the events as well. 
  • Control Lab Uptime: Have full control over the maximum uptime of the cloud resources with customizable automated features to shutdown idle lab environments to control event budget. 
  • Safe and Secure: CloudLabs’ shadowing feature and alert mechanism ensures appropriate usage of cloud resources while adhering to data compliance to protection regulations. 
  • Multi-track Capabilities: Save time by hosting multiple tracks simultaneously under a single event and give liberty to the attendees to choose the track based on requirements. 
  • Networking and interaction: Breakout sessions with MS Whiteboard take an interactive approach to how collaboration is done. Discuss ideas, resolve queries, or host lectures that create interest 
  • Complex Events: Conduct complex hackathons with fully manageable lab environments where attendees can join as a group. Admins can also easily sign up and create teams and groups as per event requirements. 
  • Round-the-Clock Support: The Live Support team is available to the user for 24/7 consultation, to provide aid for any technical or non-technical issues that may arise. 

Hosting virtual events is a complex journey which requires investment, careful planning and execution. We can cut down on your hassles and costs significantly and would love to show you how. 

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