Modernize Campus-IT & Hands-on Labs with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure for Campus-IT

Technology breakthroughs, globalization, shifting demographics, and developing workforce needs are all changing the way things are done in higher education. As a result, higher education leaders are rethinking institutional operations as well as how education is delivered. This upheaval gives a huge chance to re-establish higher education’s key role in society and the economy, as well as to build a new basic model on Microsoft Azure, which will help institutions prosper. Technology has played a significant role in creating this potential and addressing the issues that come with change, and it will continue to do so in the future.

Higher education leaders everywhere are facing increasing challenges to ensure continuity of teaching and learning using their existing on-prem/physical infrastructure. Educational IT architects are unable to make data-informed decisions efficiently to improve student success and retention. All this, while making sure operations are secure, scalable, and cost-effective.

During this round table session, you will learn how Microsoft Azure-based solutions and tools can help you address the challenges in delivering modern education and help you in delivering impactful hands-on experiences to students.

This session will give you a better understanding of real-world experiences from Microsoft EDU Leads, professors from Seneca College, and EDU-IT expert from Spektra Systems.

Join this 1-hour webinar session hosted by Spektra Systems in partnership with Microsoft, and

  • Discover the inherent issues and complexities that are commonplace in higher education institutions Campus-IT
  • Identify common challenges across hardware and software aspects while delivering hands-on experiences to students as part of curriculum
  • Learn how to effectively accelerate innovation, reduce risk, and modernize your campus-IT
  • Equip your students with on-demand hands-on skills needed for the future workforce


  • Learn how to plan migrating Campus-IT workload to the Azure Cloud while delivering digital safety and security to your students and faculties
  • Offer impactful hands-on experiences to students anywhere, anytime, and at any scale while reducing TCO
  • Offer Advanced technology courses and research scenarios with the power of Azure Platform with CloudLabs
  • Strategic approach towards a successful, non-disruptive Campus IT to cloud transformation with Azure

Who Should Attend:

  • IT Administrators/Architects in Higher Educational Institutes
  • Dean, Professors


Building the modern campus demands accurate understanding of the distinctive culture, processes, and requirements of higher education and you need to identify a complete set of Azure solutions to support them. As you modernize your Campus-IT, it is important to equip yourself with deep technological expertise that can support a sustainable approach to Azure cloud.

By joining the “Modernize Campus-IT & Hands-on Labs with Microsoft Azure” session, you will get useful insights from Edu experts at Seneca College, Microsoft, and Spektra Systems and explore the tremendous potential of Azure for Labs and Campus-IT, to drive more efficient use of resources and increase the capacity for innovation.

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Schedule: 5th May 12:30 PM EST

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