Top 5 Benefits of using Cloud Platforms for your Virtual Labs

Top 5 Benefits of using Cloud Platforms for your Virtual Labs

Gone are the days when learners used to walk into computer labs to practice hands-on. Be it a technology company delivering a Sales demo or a training institute proving hands-on at scale, the good experience lies in the ease of usability, and Virtual Labs can provide just that. 

Especially in this pandemic-stricken world, where remote work is the norm, why can’t learning be done remotely? This is the primary issue tackled by CloudLabs an offering of Spektra Systems. 

Why Use Virtual Labs

With Cloud-based virtual labs, TECH. is reinforced into improving the learning experience. In addition to better learning exp, the following are the benefits of CloudLabs from an organizer perspective 

  1. Infra Setup & Maintenance Cost 
  2. Scalability  
  3. Availability 
  4. Agility  
  5. Automation 

1. Infra setup & Maintenance cost 

Whether you’re an ISV prepping sales demos/POCs or a technology training institute, setting up your on-premises infrastructure is both costly & time-consuming. Initially, you have to set up the necessary hardware, & over time you will have to maintain the resources. You: 

  1. Need manpower to maintain the in-house servers &  
  2. Need to periodically invest in performance upgrades of the server  

Both issues can be avoided by opting for a Cloud-based soln. for hosting labs. 

2. Scalability

Over time, as a business grows, the demand to serve more users/customers/learners will arise. Requirement for an extra 100 or 1000 users would suddenly arise, and it could prove challenging to scale up on-premises servers on short notice. 

This increased demand could be for only a short-term & scaling up an on-premises setup cannot justify the ROI in the short term as hardware/servers are costly. And scaling down is out of the question because far too much investment has been made in acquiring new computing hardware. 

Since Virtual Labs are hosted online, scaling up/down can be done by running simple command. You can buy CloudLabs to accommodate one thousand extra users on a given day, then revert to the original requirement the next day. This way even the cost will also be a flexible month over month. (Similar to the pay-as-you-go model). 

3. Availability 

Unlike on-premises hardware, which is susceptible to downtime, CloudLabs will be available 24*7 with persistent back-up / high availability. Irrespective of where the resources are deployed and used, with a reliable internet connection, you will be able to access all of the cloud resources and make sure they work efficiently. Even if any technical issue arisesit will not be overhead at your end. The respective Cloud vendor will own the issue & fix it.  

4. Agility

Once you work with an efficient provider, it becomes so much easier to create and manage resources. There are hundreds of cloud infrastructure solutions that can be faster and also made simultaneously. Furthermore, in lab environments, resources can be spun up extremely fast. 

CloudLabs can spin up multiple lab environments simultaneously, and they will be up and running in no time, thanks to the efficiency and agility of cloud computing.  

5. Automation

Automation can be achieved easily using Cloud platforms for all of your Virtual Lab needs. With the environment already on the cloud, it is possible to automate the entire setup. 

There are plenty of automation options available online, and it just becomes a matter of choosing what you would like to automate. With CloudLabs, you can automate entire environments using scripts and replicate them to allow as many users as you’d like. From the simplest of the tasks to the toughest of the lot, CloudLabs can get you anything automated. We ensure that all the required resources are automated beforehand, so the users can concentrate on doing the lab

Bonus: Pricing 

The pricing aspect of cloud economics also stands out because you only need to pay for what you use. You can concentrate on utilizing the maximum potential of the cloud, while the cost will stay optimized. Since Virtual Labs in general follow a ‘pay-as-you-go model’, you will only be charged for what you use. 

Head over to CloudLabs (a Virtual Lab offering) to help you automate all your cloud-based lab requirements and work efficiently.

For any questions/inquiries/ feedback, reach out to our executives at or +1-844-773-5872. 

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