Tips for Microsoft Certified Trainer | Training Readiness Guide and MasterClass Webinar

Tips for Microsoft Certified Trainer | Training Readiness Guide and MasterClass Webinar

Training is the development and delivery of information and skills that learners will use to increase efficiency to reach a certain objective. Microsoft Certified Trainers have a unique opportunity to put their strengths to work in how they design and facilitate Microsoft Official Curriculums.

If you are new to training and development and have been thinking about putting together training workshops, it’s important to know and understand the fundamentals of good training.

It’s essential to build a generic and systematic, step-by-step framework to help your students learn and level up their skills efficiently. As a trainer it’s your responsibility to ensure:

  1. Learners will achieve the goals of the course with detailed lab guides and guidance from a subject expert
  2. Allow for the evaluation of learners needs through systematic monitoring tools
  3. The design and development of the training materials on a reliable and cost-effective cloud platform with a dedicated support team to handle technical roadblocks
  4. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the training program using a process with specific and measurable outcomes

While planning for your next training workshop, try to consider these best practices. This will help you to build an impactful ecosystem for delivering an exceptional training session.


A professional Microsoft training framework can be built in various phases. During the first phase, the course is detailed, learner skills are identified, and objectives are established based on it.


A good training program starts with a training design. A variety of tasks are addressed at the design phase to achieve the best result. During this phase learning objectives, content, course structure, cloud resources, and lab exercise are all detailed. They are pursued under a logical and orderly method of identifying, developing, and evaluating to meet training outcomes.


During this phase content for the course, the session is completed. Lab guides, test drives, practice tests, and all other materials are developed consistent with the training goals.


The implementation phase involves the preparation and delivery of the Microsoft official curriculum course content. This is where the trainer facilitates their content and structures the session based on the organizational or individual objectives.


This is an ongoing process that continues throughout a training session. Its purpose is to ensure that all the stated goals specific to the Microsoft course are achieved.

CloudLabs Upskilling MasterClass for MCTs and MVPs: Free Live Webinar

At the core of effective training session design for Microsoft certification, is a clear understanding and definition of “training needs” and “training goals”.

An effective training workshop depends on the trainer knowing what is required by the learner, the department, and the organization to gain positive outcomes. With the focus to help MCTs and MVPs from around the world, CloudLabs designed a series of free live webinars.

MCTs can join the MasterClass of their choice during the scheduled time. These webinars will be hosted by subject experts and will demonstrate the multi-functionality features of the CloudLabs platform. Not only that, if you join now you will be able to get free access to the Managed labs for 7 days, access the Practice Tests, and receive support if and when required.

MasterClass Advantages

  • Training structure curated for quick knowledge
  • Self-paced learning with lab access for 7 days
  • Explore best practices from experts
  • Interactive webinar session designed for positive outcomes

MasterClass Workflow

  • 360-degree course coverage in a 4-hour webinar
  • Access hands-on labs post-webinar for practical readiness
  • 7-Days Free access to the Managed Labs
  • Expert guidance and 24/7 support
  • Track progress using Practice Tests
How to Register

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We covered some fresh perspectives that are worth implementing while delivering Microsoft official courses. In order to constantly keep up with the evolving cloud technologies, trainers must undergo training themselves. By joining the MasterClass webinar, MCTs and MVPs can become training-ready as well as explore CloudLabs’ hands-on capabilities to find out how it can make a difference in how they conduct Microsoft training.

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