What is the CloudLabs Expert Program for MCTs?

What is the CloudLabs Expert Program for MCTs?

The CloudLabs Expert Program is designed for MCTs and Microsoft MVPs seeking to explore various training and engagement opportunities related to Microsoft technologies, without having to deal with the hassle of managing and setting up of complex cloud resources. Once enrolled in the program, MCTs and MVPs can choose their availability and training preferences and start training with ease. 

It is a simple four-step journey: 

  1. Discover opportunities 
  2. Submit interest 
  3. Deliver training 
  4. And get paid 

Introducing the CloudLabs Expert Program for MCTs and MVPs. 

CloudLabs is a virtual IT labs platform, dedicated to providing a hands-on learning experience for technology courses. The CloudLabs Expert Program is a platform for all active and eligible MCTs and MVPs where they can explore in paid training opportunities as per their skill set. 

Trainers enrolled in the program can choose their preferences of training courses, technology, and delivery mode through the CloudLabs Console. They can deliver trainings, webinars, and expert sessions; develop course content and practice tests; hosting and distributing custom labs, mentor in hackathons; and share their expertise with a wider audience. Everything is managed end-to-end through the CloudLabs Console. 

Trainers can focus on training, leaving the hassles of setting up and managing cloud resources to the CloudLabs team. 

Benefits of the CloudLabs Expert Program 

  1. Explore Ample Paid Engagements  

With a free profile on the Cloudlabs Console, MCTs can open doors to a variety of paid training and workshop opportunities. Trainers can simply log in, explore courses, and select the ones of their choice, and book a slot. We are dedicated to making the navigational and onboarding process as seamless as possible. 

       2. Manage Labs for Trainings & Events 

Trainers can easily manage their labs for trainings and events like workshops and hackathons. Whether it is for delivering multiple courses, organizing workshops, or mentoring in hackathons, all labs will be efficiently managed end-to-end with instant deployments. Our team can handle any last-minute contingencies typically associated with events. 

       3. Host & Distribute Custom Labs  

Trainers can conduct personalized training as per the course requirements and student capabilities. On-demand custom labs are tailored to your specific needs. 

Eligibility Criteria 

All active MCTs and MVPs can apply for the CloudLabs Expert Program. You can visit this link to learn more about the program. 

How to Register for the CloudLabs Expert program? 

Getting onboard as a trainer is simple and quick. If you are a Microsoft Certified Trainer, you can start by creating your free profile on the CloudLabs Console. 

Step 1: You can create your profile by visiting: https://console.cloudlabs.ai/  

Step 2: Update your profile, and enter your personal details, recognitions, training preferences, training hours, etc. to create your profile. 

Step 3: After you submit your profile for Admin approval, the CloudLabs team will contact you with information about pricing, payment, and agreement details.  

Step 4: Once your details are verified by the admin, your profile will be created, and you will be able to select training sessions from the ‘My Events’ tab. 


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