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Why Choose CloudLabs for Check Point Trainings!

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CloudLabs provide a wide range of benefits for users. By choosing CloudLabs, Check Point can leverage the following benefits:

  • Fully functional Check Point certification lab environment hosted in Azure Cloud near to your student’s location with no requirement for on-site IT staff.
  • Ready to use lab environment with pre-configured and licensed lab topology.
  • Consumption-based pricing: pay for the time you are using the lab.
  • Access from anywhere just with a browser, no software installation needed.
  • Trainers can use the CloudLabs Management Portal to supervise student accounts.
  • Control lab usage and shut down all lab.
  • Dedicated lab environments with no dependency on other attendee’s operations.
  • Track the Cost per training and per attendee basis.
  • Self Service experience for ATCs and Instructors for managing the end-to-end lifecycle of labs.
  • Start/Stop/Resume the lab environment in a self-service fashion within defined limits.
  • 24*7 Instant support for workshops.

Virtual Hands-on Labs: Over the shoulder experience

COVID-19 has changed the way training and workshops are conducted. Virtual workshops are the new normal in the learning industry now. We have added several capabilities for Check Point ATCs to enable effective hands-on experience in Virtual Labs.

CloudLabs Shadow

Introducing CloudLabs Shadow, a new feature edition to CloudLabs which allows instructors to shadow the user’s environment/VMs (virtual machines) and provide support in real-time:

  • Shadow student’s lab environment
  • Provide Support in real-time
  • Observe progress
  • Collaboration

Check Point Courses Availability

  • CCSA R80.40 (Check Point Certified Security Admin)
  • CCSE R80.40 (Check Point Certified Security Expert)
  • CCTA R80.30 (Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Administrator)
  • CCTE R80.30 (Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Expert)
  • CCAS R80.10 (Check Point Certified Automation Specialist)
  • CCMS R80.20 (Check Point Multi-Domain Security Management Specialist)
  • CCES R81 (Check Point Certified Endpoint Specialist)
  • CCCS R81 (Cloud Specialist)
  • CCVS R80.20 (Check Point Certified VSX Specialist)

How to Try or Buy Check Point Labs

Check Point CloudLabs are available for Check Point authorized training center’s ONLY. Please email us at info@spektrasystems.com using your Check Point ATC registered email domain to get pricing and trial labs. Once onboarded, ATCs have access to CloudLabs self-service portal to request, consume and manage the lab environments.


For more details, contact us at info@spektrasystems.com or +1-844-773-5872.

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