Cloud Based Virtual Labs For Technology Trainings – Webinar Invitation

COVID-19 crisis has introduced new challenges to the training and enablement departments in technology companies. One of them is to bring the impact of physical classrooms in virtual training.

Hands-on labs is the most crucial component in technology trainings,

In this webinar, we’ll showcase how you can leverage public cloud platform to host virtual labs for your partner or customer training, sales demonstrations, and proof of concepts.


Webinar Agenda:

  • Common challenges with hands-on labs in virtual training.
  • Using Cloud Platforms to host virtual Labs
  • CloudLabs demonstration
  • Virtual HOL Experience – [You get a free lab to explore]


Who this for:

  • Training managers at ISVs
  • Product Marketing Managers
  • Instructor and Learning Partners


Webinar Live Link:



16th July 2020, 09.00 AM to 10.00 AM UK (GMT-7.00)


We’re excited to show you the power of cloud platforms and CloudLabs to solve hands-on labs problems for your trainings.

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