3 Reasons Why Microsoft Certified Trainers should enroll to free MCT pass program today

3 Reasons Why Microsoft Certified Trainers should enroll to free MCT pass program today

As demand for a digital training ecosystem continues to expand, so does the need for modern solutions to achieve upskilling efficiently. Industries worldwide shift to a digital-first approach as remote learning is becoming a major necessity.

CloudLabs recognized the need to provide Microsoft Certified trainers with comprehensive data and insights, with remote capabilities that enable efficient pipeline execution of successful certification training.

Most of Microsoft’s software and technologies are complex and trainers may require practical experience of the course from using dedicated lab environments.

To make such an environment generally available for certified trainers, CloudLabs has developed the MCT Pass Program for Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) which grants membership to trainers and learning partners.

Using the hands-on lab workshops available in MCT Pass Program, trainers can efficiently demonstrate and maintain technical and instructional expertise on Microsoft technologies.

Who are Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs)

A Microsoft Certified Trainer is a professional trainer, certified by Microsoft as an expert in professional knowledge and has the instructor skillset to deliver training. MCTs are the premier instructional and technical experts in Microsoft technologies.

Introducing MCT Pass Program

CloudLabs’  MCT Pass Program is for certified trainers around the world who diligently deliver training on Microsoft technologies. The program is designed to enable technologies. If you possess Microsoft certification(s) and want to explore the power of hands-on lab environments, enroll today, and get full access to various Microsoft Official Curriculum courses and lab guides, for free.

1. Try it out for free

MCTs have limited-time free access to the interactive, self-paced learning platform of CloudLabs. Available at your own pace and at your preferred time. Choose from the range of various Microsoft Official Curriculum available to gain in-demand skills of the latest cloud technologies.

2. Practice while learning

Get hands-on experience with sandbox environments that enable practical knowledge of the course. The self-paced learning transition includes detailed lab guides that assist you throughout the journey. Additionally, load up virtual machines and further accomplish certifications as you practice real-world tasks.

3. Be Training Ready

CloudLabs makes it easy to acquire skills that trainers need to enhance their existing professional portfolio. With MCT Pass Program, explore the hands-on capabilities of the certifications that interest you.

With pre-validated Hands-on lab environments and key integrations across the platform, CloudLabs can better prioritize courses and enhance skills with practical exposure to the course. You can make use of these features to save time and effortlessly deliver workshops.

How to become an MCT

To become a Microsoft Certified Trainer, you need to earn a certification validating your experience and knowledge in using Microsoft products. You must possess the skills to deliver as well as validate your teaching capabilities. To know more on how to become Microsoft Certified Trainer and its requirements, read Become a Microsoft Certified Trainer article by Microsoft.

How to register for MCT Pass Program

Use the link to fill in your details and all required steps and credentials to access the Portal will be delivered to your registered email address, within 24 hours.

CloudLabs expects the continued expansion of its client-centric development to bring in new features, integrations, and accessibility options for the users. With seamless integrations and advanced capabilities, CloudLabs will make it easier for trainers and learning partners to implement their organizational goals.

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